Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weeks 15 & 16: Yep, I Fell Off the Planet!

So, some of you may have wondered where the heck I've been the past week or so. Here's what I've been doing: I organized the Young Women's Progressive Dinner/Treasure Hunt. Unfortunately Cherie and Emily were both out of town, so I was on my own for this one. Luckily, my darlings Sharon Morgan and Eden Ellis stepped up to help me. Couldn't have done it without them.

Did I mention it was an international Progressive Dinner/Treasure Hunt?
Then, I cleaned up after all this. (It took 3 days.)

I designed this comforter and a matching valance and bedskirt, then started sewing it for Bella DeVito's 2nd Birthday next week.

I carried this around with me pretty much 24/7. 101.2˚ fever for 4 DAYS!

Now, I'm pretty much here.


  1. Suzanne, I would love it if you could send me what you did for your YW. I think ours could do with a great activity like that! ryanlarsen@aol.com

  2. And forgot to tell you how amazing I think you are. I think I would have made Ryan take some days off...