Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 5: A Pat on the Back

Today's nutrition may not have been stellar, but it was the best I've done all week. I wasn't real hungry this morning, but I wanted at least some nutrition, so I had a glass of milk. Need that calcium, right? For lunch, I had plans to meet with friends at Panera (one of my favorites). I had half a tomato & basil panini and maybe half a cup of black bean soup. Very delicious, and relatively low in calories (my total was 425). Tonight was also the Young Women's night to do baptisms at the temple, and I accompanied. However, our time slot is at 6:00, which means we met at the church at 4:45, and didn't get home until 9:15. Luckily, plans were made to feed everyone, which is a good thing, because I was starving! So I had a small bowl of 3-Bean Chili, half a slice of cornbread, and some peaches. Not too shabby! Maybe I can get my nutrition back under control!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4: Food? Eh.

Still not really hungry today. Skipped breakfast. Lunch was probably my most nutritious meal. I had a vegetarian tostada with beans, shredded lettuce, a little cheese, and salsa. Of course then I washed it down with a Diet Pepsi, not the best choice. Dinner was half a chicken sandwich and a cup of clam chowder, which I split with Jared. Not real exciting, I know. What's more, my internet is all funky, so I can't upload a picture tonight. Sorry, guys. Probably the most boring post ever.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3: Not a Good Day

This morning I woke up with either the same migraine from yesterday, or a whole new one. It's 5:45 pm right now, and it still hasn't gone away. I finally got hungry enough around lunchtime today, and went to lunch at Applebee's with Jared. I pretty much just ordered the first thing on the menu, which didn't turn out to be the best choice. It was the 3-cheese chicken penne. It didn't even taste good, so I didn't eat much of it. I also split an appetizer of boneless buffalo wings with Jared, which tasted better to me than the pasta, but I still didn't eat much of it. Needless to say, neither one of those things is especially healthy, so I think I get a big fat F for healthy eating today. At least my portion sizes were extremely small.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2: A Little Migraine Goes a Long Way

Here's one way to curb your appetite. Get a migraine. I started getting one around 1:00 today, and it went from irritating headache to a mind-numbing, nauseating, miserable experience within an hour, even after taking two Excedrin Migraine. So much for OTC drugs. Unfortunately, my go-to migraine cure doesn't exactly fit in with my goal of healthy-eating this week. I've discovered that a Monster Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory does the trick every time. I've done lots of research, trust me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 1: The Trouble with Brownies

Here's the problem with brownies. When you make a batch, there's enough to feed at least a dozen or more people. That's why they're great for taking to church activities, right? But what about for Family Home Evening? There's only 4 of us here in the Hale Household, and after we've each had a brownie, there's still more than 3/4 of a pan full of brownies shamelessly hollering for you to have another. And another. And maybe just one more small one... Don't tell me this has never happened to you. I'm sure you know how loud and obnoxious those stinkin' brownies can be.
At this moment, there is still half a batch of brownies sitting on my kitchen counter (at least I didn't eat the whole dang thing). I did eat more than I should have, though. What's really frustrating is that I was doing so well up until then. I had a very nutritious Green Smoothie for breakfast, some chicken and rice for lunch, and homemade vegetable soup for dinner. I even exercised today! I pushed Hayden around the block for about 45 minutes, and then worked in the garden for about an hour or so. I was doing great! And then those delicious, despicable brownies. There's a reason it's called devil's food. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

Week 13: Healthy Habits- Good Eating

I've decided to change my format a little bit. The problem that I've been having is that I don't feel a week is really long enough to set and accomplish a lot of the goals I have. So, I'm going to stretch the focus out to about 3 weeks, concentrating on separate, specific things each week. This time, I want to focus on my health. I've been painfully aware lately that I've put back on 6 pounds since Christmas, completely the opposite way on the scale I've been meaning to go. It's my own fault. My exercise routine has gone from regular to rare, and I've been eating poorly. When Saturday night came around and I realized I'd eaten nothing but an apple (not so bad) and cake batter (not so good) all day, I knew it was time for a change. So this first week, I'm going to focus on my diet, on eating healthy things and leaving the cake batter alone. I'll try to squeeze some exercise in there, too, but I think I'll wait until next week to really focus on that, once I've got the eating thing under control. One step at a time here. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 6: I Actually Did It!

At least partially. I doubt that my life will ever be completely devoid of some kind of clutter, but I think I made a huge leap this week. I have to admit that the past few days I put aside my endeavor to create order from chaos in my den. Jared took the kids up to Oregon to visit his parents, and I've had all kinds of time to myself! I hardly knew what to do! But don't you worry, I managed just fine. I did some shopping, saw TWO movies, stayed up to all hours, and slept in late. It's been fabulous! When I finally ran out of stuff to do late last night, I turned my attention back to the den. And wouldn't you know it! I got it done! I could actually work in here now if I wanted to. Need an embossing pen? Three yellow brads? The July issue of Clean Eating? I know exactly where they are. The only bummer is that Jared took the camera, so I can't show you my marvelously organized craft area. (Yeah, that picture isn't of my den, though I used the same brand of storage cubes for a lot of it.) Maybe I'll post it tomorrow night, when they get home.