Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 6: Spin Doctor

As it was my last day to focus on keeping my promises, I figured I should do all I could with the energy I had. And I did pretty well, I thought. For awhile, anyway. I got some more of Jason's room painted, stopping only when I realized I needed a drop cloth before I could start doing any rolling, and I didn't have any in my box of painting supplies! So I dashed off to Walmart, and while I was there happened upon their Garden Center. They had small pots of barely budding tulips and hyacinths for $1.00 each! I've been looking for good tulips for weeks! I had to get some. I figured I'd already done some painting, and wasn't going to be able to much more today because Jason had a friend over, so his room was occupied, right? So, I spent the rest of my afternoon hacking apart the ugly bushes that consumed only 2/3 of the window garden-box in the front yard, and replacing them with my beautiful red tulips and blue hyacinths! No, I didn't promise anyone (other than myself) that I'd get my yard looking more presentable, but it's definitely been a goal. See? You can rationalize anything!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Days 4 & 5: Calling in Sick!

That's me. The walking zombie. I thought my cold would just be the touch-and-go kind, but it's turned into a full-blown monster. I've truly felt like the living dead the last few days, and so no promises have been kept. I did do some of the things that were fundamental, though. Yesterday was payday, so I made up our budget for the next 2 weeks. It took me all day! Well, I guess not really, because I took a pretty long break to take Hayden to her 18-month-check-up and to pay a few bills. Does that count for anything? I mean, making it past the front door when I feel so yucky has got to count for something, right? Today Jason didn't have school, but the kids still had the nerve to wake up at 7:15 am. Both of them! I usually have to wake Hayden before we can leave to take Jason to school at 8:00, and today she decides to wake up early? It's a conspiracy, I tell you. So I have to admit, I pulled another act out of the "Stellar Mom Playbook." I let Jason play the Wii all morning while Hayden wandered around getting into this and that without restriction while I just laid there and let it all happen. Obviously, nothing major occured. I had shut all the bathroom doors and closed off the baby gates into the kitchen, so there really wasn't much left for her to do. I was in and out of consciousness until about 9:30, when I finally got my act together and got ready for the day. I finally got around to making a shopping list and went out to buy groceries around 3:30 this afternoon. Returned home to make a pancake dinner around 6:15. Now I just want to sleep until warmer weather arrives. Curse the cold season!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 3: A Few Good Men... Actually, Just One... And He's Mine!

I'm pretty proud of me today. Despite the fact that I feel sick as a dog, I knocked one promise off the list, and got a pretty good start on one more. I called Jason's friend again, this time getting a real person on the phone! Yay! So, playdate is scheduled! We're bringing Maggie home from school with us on Monday! Yes! Take that, Jared! ;) I also pulled myself off the couch from watching reruns of Burn Notice to get started on painting the ceiling in Jason's room. I got most of the cutting in done, which I think is the most time-consuming part. I stopped when I really couldn't do any more without making a mess of my edging tool. Had to wait for the paint to dry before I did more, but by then, I was so exhausted I was pretty much a walking zombie. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband. Because he knew I was up a lot last night with either my sore throat or the baby, he offered to bring his work home this afternoon to pick up Jason from school and take him to piano. So around 1:00, he brought me a Volcano Burrito from Taco Bell (to know why, read my other blog at, took my reluctant napper, Hayden with him, and left to go get Jason. I fell asleep at once, and didn't wake up until almost 6:00 tonight. I'm feeling quite a bit better, and hoping to accomplish even more tomorrow!

Day 2: Just to Get Him Off My Back!

Well, not much was accomplished on the "keeping promises" front yesterday. But it wasn't for lack of trying. I've been putting off calling the parents of Jason's friend, Maggie, whom we owe a playdate to, for almost a month now. Mostly because he's been sick, but also because I hate calling people I don't really know. Jared's been nagging me like an old woman constantly, so I finally promised him that it would get done this week. So I called. No answer. Dang it! I hate leaving messages even more than I hate actually talking to people because I always sound like an idiot tripping over my words. But I did it. Haven't heard back from them yet, so I'll call again today.

I also got all my baby shower invitations mailed yesterday, and nailed down everything that's left to do to prepare for the event. Now Emily and I just have to do a little shopping and cooking, and we'll be ready for a PART-AY!

I had aspired to get started on painting Jason's room yesterday as well, but it just didn't happen. I woke up with a nasty sore throat, massive headache and a mild fever, none of which went away all day, so I guess it's miraculous I got anything done at all!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 1: A Ride on the Merry-Go-Round!

Somebody stop this thing! I want to get off! Yesterday was kind of a nightmarish day, trying to keep all these promises and my sanity all at the same time. But, I did manage to knock a few off my list. For starters, I had promised Jared that I would finally take Jason to the doctor's office, as he's been fighting this nasty cough for over a month now. After a few calls, and a large chunk of time on hold, I finally got an appointment for 11:30. By this time, of course, it was already 10:00, and I had yet to shower, get dressed, feed the kids, and get them ready for the day. So we barely made it in time for the appointment. But it got done. Dr. Burke filled out a prescription for amoxicillin and we were on our way to keep yet another promise. But first, I had some essentials to pick up at Target. We did a whirlwind pass through Target, then drove 21 miles to The Container Store in San Jose to get the plastic shoeboxes Jared wanted for his mini greenhouses. During the drive, Hayden fell asleep, and I wasn't looking forward to waking her up. But, as it turned out, I didn't have to, because as I was preparing to exit my vehicle and go into the store, I realized my wallet wasn't in the diaper bag. I searched every compartment, under the seats, in the grocery bags, everywhere. It was gone. I realized I must have left it at Target... back in Fremont. To be sure, I pulled out my phone and called. Sure enough, they had my wallet, thank goodness! So, we retraced our steps back to Target, collected the wallet, and turned around again for The Container Store. Jared had better appreciate those stupid boxes! It was an 86-mile drive just to get them! But my errands still weren't done. I still had to stop for milk and butter, so we hit Safeway on the way home. Of course, as soon as we're in the store Jason announced that he had to go to the bathroom. So we all crammed in to the small bathroom and took turns before returning to our shopping. Once the car was loaded with groceries and the kids were all buckled in and ready to go, I reached into the diaper bag to retrieve my phone so I could plug it into my dashboard as always. It wasn't there. Again, I tore apart the diaper bag. Not there. So, I quickly pulled the kids back out of the car and rushed towards Safeway's entrance. We were stopped by another young mother and her daughter. "Are you looking for your phone?" she asked. "Yes!" I replied. "Yeah, I recognized your kids from the photo on it. I turned it in to Customer Service." I could have kissed this woman! I thanked her, and ran inside, where my phone was waiting for me. I am extremely grateful for honest people. But, the day wasn't over. Once we were home, we had a quick dinner, quick clean-up, quick Family Home Evening, and then I kept my final promise on my to-do list today. I finished making baby shower invitations, and with my girlfriend, Emily's help, got them all addressed, stamped, and ready to go. Phew! Free at last! Did I mention how well I slept last night?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 5: Promises, Promises

It has come to my attention that I've made a number of promises to people recently. And yet, I've done minimal work towards keeping these promises. So, this week, I've decided that I need to make fulfilling these promises my topic of focus. I've got baby shower invitations to complete, a quilt to construct, a spectacular "New Moon" sleepover to plan, a play date to arrange, and a fitness night to oversee. I am determined that all these things, if not completed, will be well under way by the end of the week. Good luck to me!