Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 1: Almost

Did I get any pictures hung today? Almost. It got down to bedtime, and I still hadn't hung one, so I decided to hang one in my bedroom. So I measured, got the screws in the wall, dusted and polished the frame, and hung it on the wall for a brief moment... before realizing that I had just hung a 20x24 frame above my bed by a mere two screws. One big bump from the family room wall or a 3.0 earthquake would bring it crashing down, quite possibly onto my sleeping head. Not good. So down it came. Jared suggested using some foam mounting-tape in addition to the screws to keep it stuck to the wall. However, I don't have any, and as it was 11:00 pm, I wasn't about to go out and get any. That'll have to wait for another day. Maybe tomorrow, if we're lucky. But hey, I tried, right?

I do feel I made up for this small failure in other ways, though. I started reorganizing my closet (again), which had started to collect everything from Hayden's royal potty to you-do-it hair color kits. I also installed a hotel lock on my closet door to keep Hayden out of it. I'm a little tired of Hayden's daily routine of pulling out and trying on every shoe she can reach (and trust me, I have a lot of shoes), then leaving them scattered throughout the house. I also watered and weeded my garden, had a fabulous lunch with Jared at our favorite Thai/Malaysian place, got Hayden down for a nap (miraculous!), prepared a full Family Home Evening with refreshments and everything, made a nutritious and delicious dinner, and jammy-jammed to Lady Gaga with my freshly bathed kids (Jared bathed them, so I can't take credit for that). Oh, and I worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes while I watched the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. Talk about accomplishments! I'm feeling pretty good about it all, even if I didn't exactly get any pictures hung.


  1. we love thai/malaysian food. Where is this restaurant you like to eat at?

  2. Where's my Suzanne? I miss her posts! I used to stalk her blog daily....wahhhhh